Modular-Minded Axles

Since 1960

modular mindset | modular processes | modular product configurations

As the leading market manufacturer of drive trains for self-propelled forestry machines, NAF has been tackling a wide variety of the most extreme deployment conditions for many decades.

The modular system, which has evolved from this set of requirements, covers the individual assignments that need to be met by heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers across many different sectors.

With modular thinking, modular processes and modular product configurations, today we already provide answers for the functional, economical and logistical challenges of tomorrow.

Modular-Minded Axles

For your vehicle concepts of the future

Axle Design

Coherent modular system. Our highly developed set of tried-and-tested components can be configured in almost infinite versions to produce complete drive trains.


Your benefits:


  • All modular systems field tested and proven
  • Rigid and steering axles, tandem axle gearboxes, drives, brakes
  • Many configuration options



Modular Customized

Maximum individuality - modularly developed and implemented. For your specific customer requirement, our well-engineered modular system offers the quick, economical and quality-assured solution.


Your benefits:


  • Answer for highly individual challenges
  • Short development times
  • Economical, quality-assured delivery



Modular Innovation

Modular thinking in your customer interest. Our numerous new developments can be integrated directly into the modular system. Each innovation expands the possibilities for the entire product range.


Your benefits:


  • 5% of annual turnover spent on research and development
  • Constant new developments
  • Each innovation fits into the modular system



Modular Production

Fluid customised fabrication based on the modular building-block and procurement principle. You receive individual products without having to give up the benefits of high-volume ranges.


Your benefits:


  • One-piece flow on a modular basis
  • Individual products
  • Cost benefits, short delivery times, reduced warehousing



Modular Repair & Maintenance

Systematic approach to repairs and spare parts for minimised lifetime costs and downtimes. The modular principle, complemented by the constant availability of spare parts and comprehensive customer support, also pays dividends in the long run.


Your benefits:


  • More systematic approach to maintenance & repairs
  • Spare parts available at short notice
  • Low lifetime costs




Corporate culture based on responsibility and highly skilled production method. Your axles and drives are produced by skilled workers who have been working with the modular system for many years and take personal responsibility for each stage in the process.


Your benefits:


  • Individual responsibility of the staff
  • Not just monotonous mass production
  • Reliable quality monitoring



Completed in more than 581 projects.

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