Modular-Minded Axles

Since 1960

modular mindset | modular processes | modular product configurations

Just in time

Increasing the efficiency of the customer-vendor relationship is the main goal of the strategic purchasing department of NAF.
Our long term view encompasses supply, purchasing and logistics, which influences our structure and enables us to make fast decisions.



Purchasing equals:
long-term cooperative partnerships,
quality and reliability,
potential cost reduction,
high flexibility and
reduce processing and lead times

The following parts are purchased by NAF (i.a.):

Cast parts:
Machine poured in sand molds with material designations of: EN-GJS-400-15 (3-500kg) and EN-GJS-250 (3-70kg).

from 1 - 70 Kg part weight

Gear hobbings:
between Modul 3 - 9

tappered roller bearing, deep groove bearing, cylinder roller bearing, angular bearing, needle bearing, ball bearing slew

yokes, steering cylinders, spring loaded brake actuators, annular brake actuators, planetary gearset, gear-shift cylinders