Modular-Minded Axles

Since 1960

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Your NAF Team

580 employees always give their best and quickly react to new requirements.


  • employees are highly influential within the company
  • high dedication to the company provides continuity
  • continuous training and education
  • employees are always focused on the future
  • actively take care of customer requirements

Facts and Figures

Supervisory Board:


Ralf Sauer (Chairman)

Board of Directors:

Erwin Urban: HR & Production
Bernhard Schnabel: R&D, Quality
Dr. Norbert Knorren: Sales & Finance


580 (80% in production)

Production Area:

35.000 m²


80 %


Bogie axles (market leader), rigid axles, steering axles and gearboxes

Management policy

NAF's management policy derives from the vision of the company and the corporate philosophy.

It is extremely important to stipulate what matters.

Corporate success does not come by accident, but is instead the logical conclusion of a forward-thinking approach and purposeful actions. It is crucial that all employees have the understanding and desire to do everything they can to contribute to and share in this success.

So it is less out of a pure sense of duty but more out of an inner conviction.

The key points for our company are undoubtedly securing autonomy and strong revenues over the long term. Another factor is the constant desire to make even things that are already very good even better. Both by keeping a keen eye on productivity within the company and having a very high appreciation of all employees.

Our vison

First choice for high-quality drive solutions through innovation, perfection and a trusting partnership.

Our drive

We consider ourselves to be an organisation that works to serve people and whose overriding factor shaping its success is people.

We see our main task as being to help our customers, our employees, our financial backers and their business partners to achieve success. This is why we seek to offer faultless products at a fair price and continuously improve our products, processes and services by further developing them in an innovative way.

We never want to just settle for what we have achieved and we give our very best every single day.

Our approach

We want to appear confident, be proud of our work and be one step ahead in everything we do.

We expect the employees and partners of our organisation to display a high level of dedication, personal responsibility, reliability, a self-critical demeanour, to strive for constant improvement and to act in accordance with our corporate culture.

We consider the individual person to be the most important factor dictating success in our organisation. This is why we expect all employees and every partner of our organisation to show a high degree of respect for other people that is reflected in a fair, open, tolerant and honest approach in working with one another.

We do not expect or demand others to do things that we are not prepared to do ourselves.

We respect the freedom and the needs of the individual. This is why we want to create a positive working environment in which all employees can enjoy their work, freely flourish and the creativity of our employees and partners is encouraged.

We want to conserve resources by developing environmentally friendly, reusable products and processes, using environmentally sustainable substances, preventing wastefulness and waste, disposing of waste materials in an environmentally compatible way, supporting measures that promote health, acquiring energy efficient machinery, goods and services and ensuring the safety of our employees whilst adhering to all applicable laws and binding obligations.

We regard every risk on the way to achieving our goals as an opportunity for improvement. For this reason we want to identify the risks and opportunities in our business and process workflow and already take them into account at the planning stage to secure our path to success and safeguard the effectiveness of our management system.

We monitor our objectives in a constant KPI monitoring system.

Our success

Even in difficult times, we want to support each other and thus guarantee the continued survival of the company and secure the financial futures of our employees.

We want to ensure that our work makes a positive contribution to the development of society by creating and maintaining secure jobs, providing high-quality training and further development for our employees and supporting charitable organisations.

We are fully aware that we will only be able to get closer to achieving our desires, goals and visions if we work in a profitable way over the long term. This is the only way to secure the resources and opportunities to preserve our identity and independence and shape our future in a positive way.